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About Tax Return Extensions

Updated: May 10

Sometimes you just need more time. An income tax return extension provides you with an extra 6 months to file your tax return. However, it does not extend the time to pay taxes that are due. So, if you have any tax unpaid after the due date will be subject to late payment penalties and interest.

If you need an extension, E.P. Tremblay will file it for you if you have sent us your signed engagement letter. We will also file an extension for you if we are not able to prepare and file your return by the deadline. We prepare extended returns generally on a first-come first-served basis.

When we file an extension for you, we need as much information (tax documents and data) as possible to estimate any tax liability accurately. If you owe, you should make a payment when your extension is filed. We will notify you by phone, email, or mail when we have filed your extension.

Special extension situations

If you owe money, but do not have the funds required to pay in full, please contact the office for instructions.

If you need to have your return prepared by a certain date, (for a loan application, financial aid, etc.) please contact the office.

If, after the 6-month extension period, your tax return is still not complete or you have not paid taxes due, you will again be subject to late filing penalties. It is important to act quickly to minimize these penalties. We can best help if you contact the office as soon as possible.

For more information on our extensions, Click below:

Extensions FAQ
Download DOCX • 17KB

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