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Welcome Jose Luis Cesar-Sainz to the Tremblay team

Jose Luis Cesar-Sainz is now here to serve you, and we think you’re going to like the skills and knowledge he brings to the table.

Jose, our new Account Administrator/Executive Assistant

is now responsible for a range of duties that include overseeing the implementation of Tax Caddy software that will aid in Tremblay’s paperless office initiative. He will be available to help clients in the technology area. He will also assist with preparing tax projections and other client tasks that are done during the off season.  

Jose earned a BS in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Along with technology and tax skills, Jose brings fluency in English and Spanish to the Tremblay team, making our agency a great resource for Spanish speaking clients. 

Self and professional improvement inspires him. He is mindful of “how I can improve in areas of my job that I wasn’t as proficient in before. I enjoy seeing how far I’ve come from when I had just begun.

Off the job, Jose enjoys a daily gym regimen of weights and cardio. An avid skateboarder, he can be found playing computer games, listening to music, and doing his part to help others by donating blood.

His words to live by are “keep moving forward, and roll with the punches” – positive reminders that “no matter the challenge or difficulty we face in life, we are doing our best to press on and we will eventually make it towards our goal.

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