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For years, you’ve trusted E.P. Tremblay to provide tax and accounting services and expert guidance. Now that we've teamed up with TaxCaddy we're able to provide you with a secure, electronic method to easily gather tax documents and share them with your trusted tax advisor. TaxCaddy makes it easier than ever to gather your 1040 tax documents and deliver them to us, communicate with us, answer your questionnaire electronically, and sign documents like the e-file authorization.

We remain accessible to you both physically and electronically as always.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your tax advisor by phone, email, or by making an appointment to drop by. 

Q: Which internet browser works best with TaxCaddy? A: When using TaxCaddy, Google Chrome is recommended. However, Firefox, Edge and Safari are also supported. TaxCaddy is not supported on Internet Explorer. For best results when using on a tablet or mobile device, we recommend flipping the device to landscape orientation for best results.

Q. What is the best way to set up my account? The best way to set up your new TaxCaddy account is: ‍ a. Click on the invitation link you received in your email from a desktop or laptop computer, not from a mobile device. b. Once you have accessed your new account, please click the link at the top of the screen that says “Set Up Account Password” to create a password access for your account. c. After you set up your password access, you will be able to use TaxCaddy on whichever platform works best for you (PC, Tablet, or Mobile).

Q. Where should I start? The best place to start is the “Gather & Prepare” section on the left side of the home page. This section contains the personal identification confirmation screen and our tax questionnaire that will help create your customized document request list.

Q: Where can I find the TaxCaddy mobile app? Do I have to get it? A: For anyone with a smartphone or tablet device, the TaxCaddy app is a great addition. By using the app, you can take pictures of paper documents and upload them as you receive them (similar to depositing a check using your mobile banking app). You can also send a message to your E.P Tremblay advisor from any location where you have internet connection. The app is not required, but it certainly adds features to make your tax filing process easier.

Q: Can my spouse, or someone else, access my TaxCaddy account? Can I remove someone from accessing my account? A: Whether it’s a spouse or someone else, you can invite the person you select to be an additional user on your account. The user you decide to add can upload important documents, view tax documents you’ve already uploaded and review some tax documents your tax professional uploads. Adding a spouse as your additional user allows him or her to sign any spouse-related documents. At any time, you can take away an additional user’s access.

Q: How do I connect my TaxCaddy account to E.P. Tremblay? A: E.P. Tremblay will request to connect with you. By connecting with E.P. Tremblay, you’ll be able to communicate with your tax advisor, and he or she will have access to the tax documents you upload in TaxCaddy. You can find the request on the overview screen under Tax Pro Requests. Open the request and click on the green “Accept Connection” bar. If you don’t see a connection request, call our office at (508) 675-7557 to request that a connection invite be sent. Once you are connected to us, you will see requests from us when we issue your engagement letter, questionnaire and requested items list.

Q: How do I upload a document(s)? A: To upload documents to TaxCaddy you can either use or the mobile app.

Q. Can I upload my child or other family member’s tax documents to TaxCaddy? Yes! Be sure to include your child’s name in the file name and place the document(s) in the “Additional Family Member” section. If you’re not sure whether to add them to your TaxCaddy account, contact your tax advisor or our TaxCaddy team, and we’ll be happy to help.

Q. What about the “Tax Returns”, “Tax Payments”, and “Invoices” sections of TaxCaddy? We will continue to use to deliver filing copies of client returns, eSign documents and make tax payments. There is an integration between and Tax Caddy so that your SafeSendReturns documents will also be stored in Tax Caddy. We will not use the Tax Caddy account for eSignatures, Tax Payments or Tax Preparation Fee payment.

Q. Am I required to use the TaxCaddy system to provide my information? Because of the improvements that TaxCaddy will bring to the information gathering process for both you and E.P. Tremblay, we request that all clients that are able to use TaxCaddy for the initial questionnaire and document upload. If you send us a one-off document later, we will be able to upload that document to TaxCaddy for you.

Q. How secure is TaxCaddy? A: In today’s world, keeping your personal information secure is extremely important. TaxCaddy has been independently audited, tested and validated by C-Level Security, LLC. The C-Level Certified Seal verifies that TaxCaddy employs the strictest security steps for safeguarding your data. In addition, TaxCaddy uses Amazon Web Services for secure, reliable storage. Your documents are encrypted in transit and at rest using Amazon’s best-in-class Secure Socket Layer and Server Side Encryption technologies. Rest assured, both E.P. Tremblay and TaxCaddy take the security of your data very seriously.

Q. How do I keep my TaxCaddy account secure? A: TaxCaddy uses two-factor authentication to help keep your account secure by prompting you to enter a security code each time you log in. This is a required feature. When logging in to TaxCaddy, you can select “don’t ask me for verification again on your computer/device” to have TaxCaddy remember it. This will make it so you don’t need to enter the security code when logging in on your device in the future. Two-factor authentication will remain enabled, and you will be prompted to enter a code when logging in to TaxCaddy from another device. Don’t use the same password you use for another account. Keep your TaxCaddy password private. Be sure to change your password whenever there is a possibility that someone else may have gained access to your password. Ensure your security questions and answers are strong and not easy to guess. If someone is attempting to gain access to your account, consider updating your security questions. Emails from TaxCaddy will end in If you receive a suspicious email about TaxCaddy or an email that appears to be from TaxCaddy but is from a different email domain, please forward it to and mention “suspicious email” in the subject line.

Q: Why do I need to go through two-factor authentication every time I log in? A: You will use through two-factor authentication when you initially log in to your TaxCaddy account or if you are logging in to TaxCaddy from a different device. When logging in you have the option to select “don’t ask me for verification again on this computer/device.” This allows TaxCaddy to remember your device so you don’t need to enter the code when logging in on this specific device in the future. Two-factor authentication will remain enabled. When logging in to TaxCaddy from a different device, you’ll be asked to enter a code to log in.

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