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At E.P. Tremblay in Somerset, MA our team specializes in small businesses. Working  to simplify even the most complex payroll and bookkeeping operations.


Partnering with us means operating your small business operation with ease. Sign up today and join us for our SWOT Analysis Huddle and learn new ways your business can capture the opportunities created in today's economy. 

SWOT Analysis Huddle

June 9, 2020 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Small business owners and their people will benefit from stronger management rhythms.  Unfortunately, many owners/manager are so busy working in their business that they don’t take time to work on their business. Or they don’t know where to start on strategic business planning. 


In the last huddle, we talked about Cash Flow Projections and how they can point to possible pitfalls or opportunities.  We also made the point that cash flow projections are only an indicator and not a tool for solving issues that require strategic planning to manage for the long run.


The goal of this huddle is to give business owners/managers a taste of why strategic planning is important, how SWOT analysis can help provide some/data and insight into planning priorities and what resources are available to help attendees take the next (baby) step.


Here’s a brief outline:


  1. Why is strategic planning important 

  2. What are the basic elements of strategic planning (mission, vision, core values, SWOT, objectives/goals, strategies, tactics, measurement/scorecard

  3. What is SWOT analysis (I think it’s helpful to tell a SWOT Analysis story to help illustrate.  I would be happy to tell the EPT Story)

  4. What resources are available to help with the next baby step

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