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EP Tremblay Partners with Fyle.

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

August 25, 2022 | As Featured on Fyle, Partnerships Blog | By Delshya Selvaraj

Learn how EP Tremblay is advocating real-time expense management to their clients

For the past 6 years, Fyle has been trying to simplify expense management for as many businesses as possible. In this endeavor, we are happy to announce that we have partnered with E.P. Tremblay, a TaxBuzz Top 100 Tax Professional firm .

The advisory firm for micro businesses

E.P. Tremblay is a family-owned bookkeeping, payroll, and tax practice. They offer a wide range of consulting and advisory services for small businesses with less than $5M in sales or under 25 employees.

Mark Tremblay, the owner of the advisory firm, is a strong advocate for real-time data and believes that cloud software is the future. According to him, E.P. Tremblay aims to move away from being simply a tax service firm and instead focus on working with clients to improve their business processes and simplify how they function.

The current accounting process for clients

For E.P. Tremblay, the typical client is usually a micro-business wanting to manage its cash flow and bookkeeping needs. They are involved in the client's processes at a high level and help track their gross profit by product and service line.

Though he’s not involved in directly setting up internal processes for clients, Mark has found that most struggle with reconciling their credit card expenses to the correct receipts. Usually, employees spend on their credit cards weeks ago, and receipts get lost in their inboxes or wallets, making it difficult for accountants to close books on time.

Choosing the right expense management solution

Mark is always looking for good software that he could recommend to his clients. He came across Fyle during this exercise and promptly signed up. And he believes in using the software himself before recommending it.

"Clients who use credit cards can easily lose track of receipts, and accountants have a hard time tracking them down at the end of the month. With Fyle, all of that is solved. The receipt comes in the email; they can submit it with a single click, and we're done. I've used Fyle myself, and so far, it has been really easy to use," says Mark..

Most small businesses focus on maintaining their cash flow and spend most of their time just managing paychecks and issuing reimbursements. Mark firmly believes that by automating most of their accounting, clients can free their time to focus on more critical tasks. Fyle is one such tool that can reduce accounting time with its easy receipt tracking, continuous policy checks, real-time credit card feeds, and tight accounting integrations with QuickBooks, Xero, Sage Intacct, and NetSuite.

"I want to help my clients manage their business better and advise them on how they can maximize their profits. Therefore, the software I pitch to them should not just be easy to use but also easy to implement. Fyle does that, and that's why I keep recommending it," says Mark.

What's next?

Fyle is excited to partner with E.P. Tremblay and assist them in their mission of bringing real-time expense data and automation to all their clients. In addition, we are working together on educating them about how Fyle can save them from spending hours of time and effort on expense management.

"We want to build a world where not a single second is spent on managing business expenses. Our partnership with E.P. Tremblay is a step in that direction. By bringing Fyle's services to their clientele, we want to assist them in their mission of accelerating digital adoption through enhanced employee experience." said Yashwanth Madhusudan, the CEO of Fyle.

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