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No matter where the open road takes you, the comprehensive solutions for automotive insurance at E.P. Tremblay have you covered. 

Whether you currently own, lease, or finance a vehicle it's important to be prepared for the unexpected while on the road. Get personalized assistance for auto insurance by the caring and experienced insurance agents at E.P Tremblay in Somerset, MA.


We offer coverage options for a variety of vehicle including cars, trucks, SUVS, minivans, motorcycles, scooters, and even those you take out on the open water. Get a car insurance solution that's personalized to your lifestyle, is easy to understand, and at a value you can afford. Ask us how you can safeguard your vehicle from accidents, vandalism, and natural disasters today.


How does where I live affect my auto insurance premium?

Where you keep your car directly affects your chances of having an accident or becoming a victim of theft or vandalism and so affects your rates. These problems increase in larger, more densely populated cities, while such incidents remain relatively low in rural areas.

Additionally, the time and efficiency of police response and law enforcement, local road and traffic conditions, and the quality of local medical services can affect regional insurance rates. Some insurers even factor in the litigation rates in a given area.

Do all states require some kind of liability insurance?

No. Although not every state requires auto insurance, some have “financial responsibility” laws mandating all drivers to be able to pay for any damage or injury they might cause. Liability insurance is still the best way for you to meet financial responsibility requirements.

By law, all states require uninsured/underinsured motorist policies, including no-fault states. In fact, some states require all motorists to carry this coverage in order to gain protection from inadequate insurance coverage of other drivers.

How do I keep my insurance company from canceling my policy?

Maintain a clean driving record and consider investing in special safety and security features for your car as well as taking a defensive driving course.

What happens when I loan my car to someone? Is that person covered by my policy? Am I still covered?

Yes. Liability and coverage for Physical Damage always follow your car. Plus, if the driver of your car is insured, his/her policy will also be available to cover the cost of damages and injuries.

The same applies when you borrow someone else’s vehicle; the vehicle owner’s policy is the key coverage in the event of an accident and your own insurance covers you.

Am I covered for natural disasters or “Acts of God”?

Comprehensive insurance, which covers you for fire and theft, generally covers you against damage by flood, earthquake, hail, and other natural perils, except when your car is overturned (considered a collision). Contact us for information on catastrophic coverage involving natural disasters.

How can I challenge my insurance company if they refuse to cover a claim?

Usually, insurers that refuse to cover a claim have a strong legal reason for doing so — even if you disagree. First, contact us if you feel you’re being treated unfairly. Your agent is your strongest advocate in insurance matters. But if it’s a legal problem, you might have to hire a lawyer.


Ask an agent today!

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