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E.P. Tremblay’s Nancy McGill retires

Saluting Nancy

nancy mcgill

“I will miss Nancy’s rock-solid dependability. She always had my back. Employees like that are rare. I was fortunate to have her for most of her career.”

Mark Tremblay could not have summed up Nancy McGill’s character and 30-year career at E.P. Tremblay better.

Her retirement closes a long secretarial and accounting career that began with study at Bryant College resulting in a 1977 Associates degree in Secretarial Studies and then an Accounting BA degree from UMass Dartmouth in 1982.

Out in the working world as a secretary at Old Stone Bank, her VP boss was training her to handle the marketing department’s yearly financial budget. After growing up in a family with CPAs and bookkeepers, that was the little push that set her true course.

Post Old Stone Bank secretarial position and accounting degree, she moved onto accounting positions at Harris and Gifford, CPAs; RI Hospital Trust Bank; and Aetna Insurance. Then, she found a 30-year home at E.P. Tremblay as a Staff Accountant/Tax Preparer.

Thorough, attentive – and modest – she points to her main achievement and contributions as “Helping our clients straighten out their records and training client bookkeepers how to correct entries and handle payroll entries on their own.”

Possessing an inquisitive “beginner’s mind” was part of her professional make-up. In that regard, she took satisfaction in “Figuring out complicated tax returns with Mark’s help, learning the numerous types of tax and bookkeeping software, and earning certifications in QuickBooks On Line and P-TIN.”

Her boss, though, sees a bit deeper in her character and integrity: “Nancy was always dependable, trustworthy, hardworking -- and always saw difficult things through to the finish. She was a team member who I could count on to show up and do what needed to be done, which freed me to focus on client care. If she didn’t do what she did well, then I couldn’t do what I needed to do for our clients and our success as a company.”

Some of the more personal memorable moments for Nancy include reconnecting with three Somerset High School classmates “who became clients and are awesome people.” She also points to the time she helped business owner clients through the tough times following the sudden loss of their father and get up to speed on general ledger skills. The annual company Christmas party was always a special time too.

With retirement, Nancy can reflect with satisfaction on years of consistently doing a job well. Ahead of her is time to “pay more attention to my health, and slowing down and listening to family and friends to be good to myself.” Also in the plans: “Cross-country railroad travel to California with my husband to see relatives, doing arts and crafts, some type of volunteering – and hopefully becoming a grandmother!”

Her clients, friends and all of us at E.P. Tremblay gratefully wish her a long and amazing retirement.

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